Three looks for a one-day boat trip in the Mediterranean

There’s nothing quite like a one-day boat journey when on vacation in the Med. Here we assemble three full looks, that will keep you comfortable, whilst staying infinitely stylish.

Serving as the hub for ancient travel routes, the Mediterranean Sea conjures up an enticing romance, that sees the stylish elite from around the world enjoy its charm from either the nautical splendour of a boat, or from its thalassic islands and inlands. Whichever you choose as your primary vacation residency, the good thing is you’re able to enjoy the adventures of both. A short sojourn to Capri, or a longer stay in Saint-Tropez wouldn’t be complete without at least one outing on a boat, so we thought it apt to comprise three full looks that are practical for the journey yet do not diminish any of that rakish Mediterrnean style.



Look 1

If you’ve travelled to Capri, it is likely you’ll want to visit or see some of the other beautiful islands such as Ischia and Procida. All of them are ideal settings for cinematic masterpieces, so you want honour the surroundings with an outfit that percolates a degree of glamour. Avoid waterproof macs and V-neck jumpers, as it will be too hot, and with a slight nod to the 1920s, instead opt for the aptly named red and white horizontal striped linen Capri collar polo shirt from G. Inglese. With escalated headwinds brought on by the speed of the boat, these trips are notorious for sunburns. This design is long-sleeved to help take this issue out of the equation, and with it coming in a breathable linen you certainly won’t overheat in the height of summer. It is not necessarily a shirt to tuck in, so let it hang freely over a pair of white linen leisure trousers from Rubinacci, for the ultimate comfort. The trousers have a drawstring waist, but by keeping the shirt untucked, whilst still showing the trousers’ razor-sharp pleats you don’t have to worry about not being smart enough at Dani Maison restaurant, Ischia, on your stop for lunch. With the boat naturally moving around, a secure footing will be essential. Loafers will not provide this, but a well made and understated sneaker will. The navy wool and calf leather sneaker from Z Zegna is the perfect shoe for this trip. With grippy soles, they provide stability, Without being loud or garish for the chic surroundings.


    Freddie Anderson


    July 2021


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