Timothy Everest: Scaling new heights

The originator of the ‘new bespoke movement’, Timothy Everest is on a new course and we very much like the direction it’s going…

It's always a strange one when the founder of a brand departs his or her eponymously named company. Helmut Lang and Jil Sander and both cases in point. Lang's departure spelled the death knell for his namesake label, whereas Sander (the label) has continued to remain strong and true to its founder's original ethos. Brands, are often wrapped up in the personalities of the founders, and Timothy Everest was one such larger than life character. Everest is no longer a part of the label, but what is interesting here is that those given charge of perpetuating the legacy have done so with aplomb, honouring the brand heritage while also driving it forward in a complementary direction.


    Ryan Thompson


    October 2019


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