Tomorrow’s Heirlooms: Elizabeth Gage’s Bespoke Service

The famed British jeweller, Elizabeth Gage’s bespoke commissioning service provides one the opportunity to bring to life a truly personal piece of jewellery that's tailored to their exact wishes using a variety of precious and rare stones and metals. 
Tomorrow’s Heirlooms: Elizabeth Gage’s Bespoke Service
Renowned for her elaborate craft and timeless jewellery designs, Elizabeth Gage MBE is a veritable master of the avant-garde. Her unique pieces - be they cufflinks, rings, pendants or pins - are representative of true artistry, as she combines rare stones, bronzes, carvings and pearls with coloured enamel and intricate goldwork to create exquisite jewellery grounded in heritage and history. Gage’s inspirations are multifarious: she looks to the natural world, ancient history, astronomy and her extensive travels to inform her unconventional approach to jewellery design. Individuality is at the heart of all she creates and she consistently endeavours to ensure that each piece represents a truly personal experience for its wearer. In doing this, she stands strongly by her belief that jewellery should be as individual as the person wearing it. For Gage and her team, wearing jewellery is a form of storytelling that's intricately bound with memories. As such, a commissioning service exists to provide customers the opportunity to acquire bespoke, one-of-a-kind pieces designed solely by Elizabeth. Clients can request a completely original creation tailored according to their tastes, or may have an existing piece of jewellery redesigned, with the optional addition of diamonds, coloured stones or enamel. Considering the highly personal nature of jewellery, the commissioning process entails ample involvement from the customer at every stage: a painted illustration of each piece is sent to them for approval before a dedicated team of expert goldsmiths, setters and enamellers work to bring the designs to life. Although Elizabeth has been designing jewellery for over 50 years, she’s showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Most recently, her label has expanded its commissioning service to include signet rings, whereby the Elizabeth Gage team will work with the client, incorporating their family crest. A piece of such sentimental value is destined to endure as a timeless heirloom. To learn more about Elizabeth Gage’s bespoke process and how to commission your own unique piece of jewellery, head to
The perfect bedside accessory.
Elizabeth Gage's gold coin cufflinks make for a striking addition to suiting.
The combination of gold and silver makes for an excellent complement to business or dress watches.
A pair 18ct yellow gold cufflinks, set with bronze antoninianus coins.
These cufflinks are set with coins from ancient societies.