Transeasonal knitwear styles

Spring will be upon on us in a jiffy, so we thought it apt to handpick a few knitwear styles that are well-suited for this seasonal interim.
Photo by Kim Lang

The remnants of last week’s deep freeze are still visible in some parts of the UK. Snow in areas of high altitude is quickly melting, which is a sign that an advection of milder air is taking hold. This shift in temperature calls for the introduction of knitwear that has the necessary attributes to be worn during this phase. It is time to jettison your thick cashmere sweaters in favour of more lightweight styles, that won’t make you overheat. Here at The Rake, we offer reliable and comfortable styles in abundance to ease you through the change in season.

Sleek rollneck

So often donned with distinction by Michael Caine, the sleek and simple rollneck really comes into its own in spring. He wore his with a double-breasted blazer – as its slender nature helps maintain a clean silhouette. His choice of knits resonates very closely with Edward Sexton’s wool and cashmere assortment, that can be found in colours ranging from orange to forest green. With a generous roll Zegna’s green version is lightweight, whilst B Corner’s maroon cashmere rollneck is slightly cosier, and a deluxe knit to take with you on a weekend away in the country.


    Freddie Anderson


    February 2021


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