Truefitt & Hill's Ultimate Father's Day Special

The age-old men's barbershop is offering a special treatment for two this Father's Day.
Truefitt & Hill's Ultimate Father's Day Special

If I’m totally honest, in the last few years I’ve unintentionally neglected my father. What I mean by that is I always made much more of an effort when it came to Mother’s Day compared to Father’s Day. Furthermore, it’s just the two of us now (three if you count my infuriating and adolescent 23-year-old younger brother), so Father’s Day should be properly celebrated. After all, he’s put up with my bullshit for the last 25 years.

Thankfully, Truefitt & Hill are offering an exclusive, all-in-one package for fathers and sons to enjoy together on Father’s Day. I’ve forewarned my father. He’s onboard and I’m relieved because - irritatingly - he’s a tricky one to please. My ineptitude when it comes to buying him a bottle of wine is legendary (my palette isn’t ‘mature enough’ apparently, while his is ‘too seasoned’.) With ties, that other Father's Day staple, I fare little better: he likes bold and jovial prints, whereas I like understated ones.  This ‘man date’ will suffice perfectly.

Truefitt & Hill is one of those quintessential British institutions that’s been around so long that it’s become an indelible part of male grooming. It’s a specialist men’s barbershop that has delicately applied a razor to the necks of Messrs Brummel, Hitchcock and  Grant among others. They do things 'good and proper', as it were. There’s no haste, only comfort: you turn up and are instantly transported away from the daily stress of inner-city chaos. Every kind of experience there is an utter delight. 

On June 16th, upon entering Truefitt & Hill’s premises on St. James’s, London, you’ll be presented with a dram of the 28-year-old whisky, The Tweeddale The Evolution. Once the dram has awoken your palette, you’ll be treated to either a haircut and shampoo, traditional hot towel shave or beard trim, or a full facial. You’ll leave feeling like new men. Following your grooming session, you don’t need to travel far for further satisfaction as there’s a complimentary sharing platter to get your teeth stuck in to (a 900g veal tomahawk washed down with craft beer, to be precise) at Duke’s Hotel. Once the food and beer have settled, you’re then invited to visit Gieves & Hawkes on Savile Row and explore the inner-workings of its bespoke floor, plus you'll be granted a 25% discount for one day only. This discount also extends to the cufflinks supremo Deakin & Francis.

If you’ve lacked bonding time with your father, or with your son, and just so happen to be in London, there’s no better day out.  Head to 71 St James’s Street. The women can wait.

Tickets (£175 for the pair) can be bought here.

If you can't make it, fear not, as you can explore our specially selected edit for Father's Day here.
Not only are they beautifully presented, Truefitt & Hill's range of grooming items have stood the test of time.
Truefitt & Hill is London's oldest barbershop, acting as a transformative conduit to times passed.
Inside, you'll find a wide-range of grooming items, from razor blades and fragrances to moustache creams and manicure sets.
After you've both received your treatments, you're invited to Duke's Hotel for a sharing platter.