Turnbull & Asser: The James Bond Collection

Originally scheduled to coincide with the new Bond film No Time To Die, its postponement meant this was not possible. But to get us in the Bond spirit for when it does, Turnbull & Asser now launch the highly anticipated James Bond 007 Collection.

British shirtmaker Turnbull & Asser are the benchmark against which all others, in the United Kingdom and beyond, have been measured against. An established royal warrant holder, with an unparalleled devotion to British craft it is no wonder that their rostrum of clients includes prime ministers, princes, Hollywood film stars and legends of rock ‘n’ roll. Winston Churchill, Prince Charles, Michael Caine and Mick Jagger are all patrons of the brand.

Another renowned character, albeit fictional in the upper echelons of British culture with which the brand has always had a perpetual association with is James Bond. In celebration of their 58-year strong relationship with Britain’s most famous secret agent, Turnbull & Asser have launched a refined and expanded James Bond collection. Presenting five new products, each piece a homage to those created for and worn by Bond on screen; a process involving the consultation of archival products and paperwork, as well as film stills and many hours of footage. These exclusive pieces join the shirtmaker’s existing James Bond Collection, much of which has also been acutely adapted, bringing them ever closer to the on-screen originals.


    Freddie Anderson


    November 2020


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