Valstar: Multifaceted Italian Jackets

Since 1911, Valstar has created beautiful outerwear that retains a timeless aesthetic. In their latest drop you have a choice of five Valstarino’s and whichever one you choose you will marvel in a state of casual ease.

Founded in Milan, in 1911, Valstar ‘s acceleration into the noble kingdom of recognition for their military inspired jackets was akin to the speed of a Panavia Tornado jet in full flight. Originally a manufacturer of raincoats the brand found its calling in the mid-1930s, focusing on luxury leather flying and driving jackets for Italy’s wealthy.

Today the brand is better known for their Valstarino jacket, which The Rake is now proudly holding five new additions of. The Valstarino, created in 1935, is a garment that boasts exquisite levels of craftsmanship, an uncompromising use of the finest materials, plus a silhouette that, for over 90 years, has remained thoroughly on-point. As a testament to the brand's expertise, it was recognised with Italian royal warrants, becoming the official supplier of HRH Princess of Savoy in 1939 and the Duke of Ancona in 1942.


    Freddie Anderson


    September 2020


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