Valstar’s Very Versatile Valstarino

Don’t let anybody tell you suede isn’t versatile. Valstar’s Valstarino jacket provides year-round style no matter where you are, and we’ll prove it.

If you spent the summer in Italy’s idyllic Lake Como this year, you may have noticed a gentleman flying, or parking, his ancient open-top seaplane. High up in the clouds, or sat atop the still water, surrounded by all those lavish villas and vibrant gardens, locals recognise him by the trusty Valstar Valstarino bomber jacket he wears, which he refuses to fly without. ‘It’s quite something to see’, laughs Matteo Bozzalla, Valstar’s charismatic brand manager, speaking with The Rake. ‘But actually, he’s wearing it for the very reason it was created’.

In 1935, an icon was born. Valstar’s Valstarino A-1 bomber jacket was an Italian reinterpretation of the leather uniforms American pilots wore in the First World War. ‘It’s actually the first bomber jacket made for civilian wear as we know them today’, confirms Matteo, ‘A-1 of course, because it was the original – an international icon, adapted to civilian tastes with Italian sartorial sensibilities’. Being Valstar’s flagship jacket, the amount of love and attention given to each Valstarino is seriously impressive; Matteo reminds us that each piece takes an artisan a full working day to put one together.


    October 2019


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