Luca Rubinacci's Valuable Lessons

The Neapolitan tailoring scion explains why he has embraced The Rake Values, an initiative aimed at fostering a new generation of sartorial aficionados.

When we speak with sartorial icon and longtime friend of The Rake, Luca Rubinacci, he is preparing for two notable journeys. First, he’ll be heading to Marrakech to conduct a bespoke fitting for an important client in Morocco. Subsequently, Luca will fly to Hong Kong to host Rubinacci’s first trunk show in that exotic eastern metropolis.

He’s excited by these opportunities to build what he hopes will be enduring relationships with new clients — royalty and commonfolk alike. It’s the same reason Luca is enthusiastic about The Rake Values, an initiative he, in fact, helped inspire during conversations with this publication’s founder, Wei Koh.

“Our ready-to-wear clothing sells very well through The Rake’s website,” Luca says. “And we are very happy about this. Already, we believe that our ready-to-wear is excellent value — very good quality, good products, good craftsmanship, but a reasonable price. It’s very attractive. But the fact of the matter is, with ready-to-wear, each season you have to clear what you have made in the past so that you can create a new collection.”


    May 2019


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