A Rare Bird

The new Alpine Eagle collection confirms the worst-kept secret in Swiss watchmaking — that Chopard are in full flight.
The new Alpine Eagle in Lucent Steel.

Switzerland is breathtakingly beautiful. I fear the country’s inclination for neutrality has fostered a sense of modesty about the extraordinary drama of its topography. Though a large number of you will be there in the winter months, for ski season, I am afraid you are short-changing yourself if cinematic landscapes are your thing. The optimum moment to go is when the white slopes reveal their grass and buttercup wildflowers, and the pine trees dust off the snow. Only then can it be understood exactly what ‘verdant’ means. I was fortunate enough to visit in July this year, and not just fortunate to be in Gstaad — or to stay at the superb Alpina hotel — but to get a first look at Chopard’s new Alpine Eagle collection, which enhances the cause for ethics, environmental friendliness and sustainability. Chopard are already miles ahead of other brands in these aspects, in which superior storytelling is as important as design adjustments and materials.


November 2022


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