Invest: Parmigiani Kalpa Qualité Fleurier

Discover Parmigiani’s Kalpa Qualité Fleurier, which is distinguished, among other things, by its intricate tonneau shape.
Parmigiani's Kalpa Qualité Fleurier.

There’s a curious aspect of the human condition that sees us wanting to separate ourselves from the next person. We will work with each other tirelessly to progress humankind, but when it comes to how we present ourselves, we forage long and hard to be different.

You see this manifest in the sartorial realm; the same, too, in automobiles, properties and watches. Watches are deeply personal and, as a result, part of the reason I love them. There is always a story. It’s hard to quantify the human lust for the unique, the different, the off the beaten track, aside from the obvious requirement for the ego to be satiated. And for me, Parmigiani Fleurier offers this in abundance; a manufacturer widely regarded to produce movement and case finishing to match anyone.

The watch we have before us is the majestic Kalpa Qualité Fleurier. It is not a round watch (as you may be able to see). All too often, our default setting when considering a watch is to go with what we know – a round case. I urge you to be bold and consider a timepiece that those who have dedicated themselves to understanding the art of fine watchmaking will salute you for.

The Kalpa Qualité Fleurier is not an obvious choice and, as a result, you will struggle to find a tonneau shape with as much flair. Parmigiani Fleurier is one of the few manufacturers that produces a shaped movement.


Justin Hast


April 2018

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