League Of Its Own

Eighty years after its debut, Breitling’s Premier collection is once more offered as a beacon of hope at a particularly poignant moment.
From left to right: Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 on stainless steel bracelet; Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 on brown leather strap; Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 on brown leather strap.

It’s hard for anyone who wishes to set up a new luxury brand today. The consensus among enthusiasts, and therefore communication whizzes, is that a brand’s history is the yoke on which its existence is carried. You see it in campaigns, press releases and design inspirations. One brand uncovers a sketch in its archives; another understands its links to the military, sport or adventure. The product reflects it, and the customer buys into it. As the world renowned watch collector Shary Rahman puts it, “I usually collect for three reasons, one of them being the pedigree and history of the watch brand. The story it has to tell can be very important.” With this in mind, could the new Breitling Premier collection be an exercise in bandwagon jumping? I’ll leave my conclusion to the end (no fun in spoiling things), but first, let’s go back 80 years — to discover what this range means to Breitling and how the latest collection has added another thoroughbred to the company’s stable. As Shary also said: “Breitling is one such brand with a storied past, and it successfully relies on the richness of its history to execute newer models like the Premier line. Breitling’s ethos in producing watches that are considered ‘instruments for professionals’ is its unique and very attractive USP to a watch collector interested in aviation.” Before we delve deeper, allow me to tell a story.


June 2023


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