Light of your life

Bulgari have unveiled a special-edition trio of watches to celebrate the relaunch of their Aluminium model, the sylph-like trailblazer that punched above its weight at the end of the 21st century.
The Bulgari Aluminium White Dial, £2,580; the Bulgari Aluminium Black Dial, £2,580; and the Bulgari Aluminium Chronograph, £3,950, relaunched in 2020.

It was reassuring for me that the first person I saw wearingBulgari’s aluminium-cased wristwatch — some 20- plus years ago — was, indeed, a rake. Put it another way: if a Japanese audio genius who could get away with sporting embroidered Nehru jackets, hand-printed silks and a man bun into his seventies isn’t a rake, then I need to be given a new definition. Yet there was the legendary Ken Ishiwata sporting a first-generation aluminium-cased Bulgari watch at a time when the horological hordes were stampeding towards Panerai. As a watch casualty obsessed with mechanical movements and steel cases, I was fascinated to learn what stimuli would lead my mentor — the man who taught me not just about sound but about sake vintages, Nikon rangefinders, and maki-e lacquered pens — to acquire a timepiece from what was then a major fashion house but only a niche watch brand.


Ken Kessler


October 2022


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