'My greatest wish is that a client orders a watch made for marie antoinette or napoleon'

From the workbench to the boardroom, Lionel a Marca has become a doyen of watchmaking. It is why Breguet called on him to lead their 250-year-old heritage brand.
The clock from the Lamborghini Diablo.

The dignified, sophisticated and technologically awe-inspiring world of watchmaking is, we cannot deny, overseen by conglomerates, enormous companies that wish to nurture their ancient brands through the 21st century. Still, no brand can survive without the artisans who create what is one of the more practical forms of art that money can buy. Regardless of the vast budgets assigned to sporting events and global advertising campaigns (which sometimes involve various militaries or Hollywood’s elite), the men and women who quietly ply their trade at their workbenches form the core of each watch brand and its production.



August 2022


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