Nivada x Revolution & The Rake Depthmaster 'No Barracuda'

For our latest collaboration, an evocative, all-black re-creation of the 1960s dive-watch classic.
Nivada x Revolution & The Rake Depthmaster ‘No Barracuda’.

I’m just going to come right out and say it. I love Nivada Grenchen. It represents everything the world needs right now. Great designed watches rooted in a truly cool history and with incredibly ethical and accessible pricing. Nivada Grenchen is one of those brands that has flown decidedly under the radar yet has an incredibly rich, authentic and compelling story. It was created by one Jacob Schneider back in 1926 and soon developed a reputation for handsome, accessibly priced, hard-use, extremely reliable, purpose-built, badass timepieces. In 1930, Nivada found its stride when it decided to focus on the creation of automatic watches. This led to the release of its first waterproof automatic watch, the Antarctic, which was used by the U.S. Navy’s Team Deep Freeze I in their expedition to the South Pole. Famously, Admiral Richard E. Byrd, the commanding officer of Deep Freeze I, characterized the Nivada Antarctic this way, “It was snowed on, rained on, sleeted on. It was never wound. It was dropped, hit and knocked against ice. It lived in zig-zagging temperatures from 100 above to 40 below. And it never lost a second. That’s what we mean when we say this watch was waterproof, self-winding, shock-resistant and antimagnetic.” Nivada built a truly excellent reputation for itself with other models, including an incredible water-resistant sports chronograph named the Chronomaster. Says Guillaume Laidet, one of the co-owners of Nivada Grenchen and the individual behind its revival, “The history of Nivada and its achievements are really something special.

We made the Chronomaster, the first water-resistant chronograph. We made the Antarctic, a watch that accompanied theU.S. Navy to the South Pole; and we made the Depthmaster, the very first diving watch rated to 1,000 meters water resistance [more on this later]. In the context of the mid-20th century, there were few watch brands as innovative and significant as us when it comes to sporting performance.” Indeed, Nivada was so incredibly reactive to the advancement and proliferation of sports like scuba that in 1964, they became the very first brand to integrate a depth gauge into a timepiece called the Depthomatic. But by the 1970s and ’80s, as a result of the Quartz Crisis, the brand, like many other smaller players, was tragically wiped out. Fortunately, Nivada was revived in 2018 by Guillaume Laidet and his partner Remi Chabrat with the ambition of restoring it to its former glory.


November 2022


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