Omega: My Choice - Johannes Huebl

One of the most recognisable faces in menswear, Johannes Huebl is the very definition of modern elegance. Here he shares his Omega story…

Model and influencer Johannes Huebl is one of the most documented menswear enthusiasts in the world and for good reason - he exudes natural elegance and has the sprezzatura look down to a fine art. Born in Hannover, Germany, Johannes began modelling in college (firstly at the University of Hamburg where he studied business economics, then at the University of Lueneburg where he read cultural science). With brains, brawn and business acumen, he epitomises what it is to be a modern man, which makes him the perfect advocate for a luxury watchmaker that continually redefines horology year after year. This is his Omega story...

What’s your earliest memory of Omega?

My first ever watch, which I was gifted for my high school graduation, was an Omega Seamaster America’s Cup.It was over 20 years ago and it's the watch you see here.

What’s special about your watch to you and where were you in the world when you received it?

My Grandfather gifted each of my brothers and myself a watch just before applying to University. I will always cherish this gift and will pass it on to my kids when the time is right.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

My style is as much about dressing as it is about attitude and lifestyle. I am avoiding most trends and prefer well tailored jackets and suits. Fit is very important to me and I like smart-casual combinations and choose my accessories carefully.


June 2019


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