With a unique sense of style and passion for past moments in history, Sergio Guardì’s love affair with Omega is deeply rooted into his cultural psyche…

Spearheaded by Sergio and his brother Sebastiano, Barbanera is one of the most popular men’s brands around today, and for good reason, too. In 2011 it announced itself on the world stage with a succinct collection of shoes in a range of interesting styles that the market was crying out for. Since then, it has evolved into a complete lifestyle brand that'sinspired by the brothers' passion for Western imagery, rock ’n' roll music and a nonchalant and bohemian attitude towards life and sartorial menswear. With such reverence given to the past, it’s no surprise that Sergio has always been an Omega fan...

What’s your Omega story?

My Omega story started a long time ago. I was a teenager and had two super-cool older cousins. They were born in the 60’s so they were into '60s and '70s style. One used to be a bass player and he was also one of the first Italian Harley Davidson bike owners. My other cousin was really passionate about muscle cars and old-school American stuff like '50s vintage jukeboxes, pinball machines and furniture. Both had a great passion for watches, though, and I remember them explaining to me about the story of the first watch that landed on the moon. That story was obviously amazing to a teenager. That was the first time I started to look at my father’s watch with another attitude because my father owned an Omega. I was very young and had never even really considered it before then.

What’s special about your watch to you?

My Omega Speedmaster is from 1970. It was owned by father, so it’s very, very special. And actually, sooner or later I have to give it to my brother for a bit! I have this memory about it: my father tapping on the glass of the watch, meaning I came back home too late for a lunch or dinner, I can't recall which. My father was a very open-minded guy but, being Sicilian, was also very conservative about some things. If I was late, well, he used to make me know about it!


June 2019


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