Watches / May 2018

Grail for Sale, for a Great Cause: The Rolex MK1 6263 Paul Newman Daytona - Yours For $550,000

The most coveted reference of the Paul Newman Daytona, the 6263, is up for sale on The Rake, with a portion of the price set aside for a very worthy cause…

A slow-seller when it was originally launched, the Rolex Daytona ref 6263 is now one of the most sought-after watches in the world.

To truly understand vintage Rolex watches, one has to understand the importance of details. I don’t just mean a general, sweeping understanding; we are talking about the minutiae of every last speck of paint on the dial and knurl on the pushers. But it’s the pursuit of the discovery of these elements that makes collecting and researching vintage Rolex watches so addictive and enthralling. Today we have for you one of the most iconic and desirable vintage watches ever: the Rolex Oyster Chronograph ‘Paul Newman’ MK1 Panda Dial reference 6263, the provenance of which is beyond dispute, coming from the collection of an esteemed European gentleman. Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds from the sale will be given to support the work of a school in Greater Manchester, UK.

I’m Only Newman After All

The ‘Paul Newman’ nickname refers to the exotic dials fitted to some Rolex Daytona chronograph watches in the 1960s. The manual-wind Daytonas weren’t very well received by the public and so sold slowly and in small numbers. The exotic-dialed watches sold even slower! It’s not a very rare watch, but it’s a watch that has gained mythical status over the years. Originally sold in earlier non-waterproof styles with pump-pusher chronograph buttons, Rolex eventually released the watch with new waterproof screw-down chronograph pushers. Screw-pusher ‘Paul Newmans’ are seriously hot at the minute with auction prices rising at an exponential rate. Following the incredible result last year for the Daytona that Paul Newman himself wore on his wrist every day for 15 years (it fetched a cool $17.8 million), interest in these exotic-dialed vintage Daytonas has spread outside of the esoteric world of vintage watches and into the mainstream investment market.