The Rake x Bell & Ross Bellytanker 'Vesper'

Our latest collaboration with Bell and Ross brings in Hall of Fame barman Alessandro Palazzi to create the ultimate martini lovers’ timepiece and community symbol.
The Rake x Bell & Ross Bellytanker Chronograph ‘Vesper’.

A slim, impeccably neat man of dignified bearing, with a warm, endearing manner and a lightly Italian inflected, deep soothing voice worthy of a nighttime DJ, the incredible Alessandro Palazzi is probably the single most renowned bartender in all Christendom and beyond. Indeed, his name is uttered amongst the martini cognoscenti with the awed reverence normally reserved for messiahs and prophets. He plies his signature trade at the charmingly cozy Dukes in London’s Mayfair. So revered are his signature martinis that his fame has spread throughout the world. Getting a table to sample Palazzi’s ethereal beverages is comparable in difficulty to getting a table at the members-only Italian red sauce mecca Rao’s in New York, or the Michelin-starred sushi-restaurant-turned-insiders’ club Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo. With a following in the legions, there must have been the temptation to privatize his bar, but for Alessandro, it’s about keeping a welcome ambience open to anyone lucky enough to be able to book a spot in one of his plush overstuffed chairs. Says Palazzi, “I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s and the sense of social equality for my generation is very important. The objective was to create a club without it being a private club — where all are welcome and you always meet the most wonderful people and have the greatest time.”


July 2023


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