Wellema Hats: Beavering Beneath The Surface

Purveyors of the finest hats made by two hands, The Rake are extremely excting to welcome Wellema Hat Co. onto its e-commerce rostrum.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to collaborate with people that are truly nice individuals. While I first met Cody Wellema for a brief introduction at Harry's Bar in Florence, my communication with Cody during this process has been limited to electronic mediums as the great Wellema x Barbanera x The Rake Texas Roadshow meant to transpire earlier this year – leaving a wake of empty tequila bottles, innumerable rounds of expended ammunition and fresh long horn tattoos – got the kibosh in a big way as the global lock downs came into effect. Nevertheless, I have to say there’s something irrefutably kind, warm and pleasant about him. Part of this is his modesty, despite being a rather extraordinary auto-didact. Part of that is his very sincere love and affection for his chosen craft, one that in the 7 years since Wellema has been in existence has propelled him into the spotlight and made him the go-to-hat maker for everyone from fellow auto-didact / Recon Marine turned tailor turned photographer Robert Spangle to the individual that I consider one of the most astutely attuned tastemakers in classic men’s style, Ethan Newton of Brycelands. It’s from Newton that I learned about David Himel, a repository of leather jacket knowledge that should be considered a national treasure for America. And it is from Newton I also learned about Wellema.


    October 2020


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