What To Wear For An Italian Summer

With summer holidays around the corner, there’s no finer place on God’s earth to waste away the day than in Italy. Here’s what you should wear to keep you cool and stylish at all times – regardless of whether you’re on Capri or in Firenze.

Italy and Summer are two words that, when mentioned in the same sentence, fill the heart and soul with joy. There’s arguably no finer and more stylish place on God’s green earth to waste away the days with a cold drink of a red to orange hue in hand. But, in order to truly appreciate it one needs to dress accordingly as the weather in Italy during the peak summer months is unforgiving, especially in ancient cities such as Naples where the heat lingers and revitalizing breezes are hard to come by.

When it comes to the requirement of packing, one mustn’t overthink it. Instead, a more effective strategy is to ask yourself each time you reach for a garment whether it will; keep you cool, travel well and appear elegant in a relaxed sense. The determining factors of those three requisites are, for the most part, sensible fabrics and spacious cuts. It’s rather simple, really.

Here are some takeaways to think about before you head down the aisle once more.


May 2023

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