Why You Should Favour Linen This Transeasonal Period

Historically used as a form of currency in ancient Egypt, mummies were wrapped in the fabric as a symbol of purity and as a display of wealth, but this spring a very fine selection of linen has come alive, made by some of the most reputable tailoring artisans on the planet and now offered on The Rake.

Linen has long been a natural fabric of choice for the staunch sartorial traditionalists who utilise its unique, nimble-like qualities for stylish summer escapades and adventures of similar ilk. It has also been, more often than not, designated for the warmer months; a seasonal fabric, one might add.

However, the uptake of linen over the past few years - thanks to the prowess of menswear brands like Rubinacci, Drakes and Anderson & Sheppard (to name a few) - seems to be making its way into the everyday lexicon of menswear enthusiasts and admirers alike. This coming spring season is no exception, as we expect to see linen staples take full flight towards the inauguration of the new season.

So, as we pack away our Ulster coats and chunky woollen knits, it’s a great time to consolidate your armoury and seriously consider the benefits of adopting linen-based wardrobe staples for the imminent transeasonal period.


    March 2020


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