Why your choice of winter boot is more significant than ever

We’ve highlighted some of our favourite boots for the winter months, with designs that help you walk a little longer, feel a little stronger and stand a little taller

In a year that has changed everything – how we work, how we dress, how we communicate, connect, collaborate – many are finding consistency and comfort by turning to their most relied-upon brands, supporting businesses that offer familiarity and dependability, seeking out long-lasting products that they know they can trust when times are tough.

When it comes to footwear, it’s at once uplifting and grounding to wear strong, sturdy shoes that literally anchor you, especially when the nature of the time we’re spending on our feet is adapting, too. From marching in support of Black Lives Matter, protesting for environmental policies or campaigning to end SARS, where and what we walk for hasnever been more meaningful.

Lockdown also drove many to embrace walking as an activity whilst gyms were closed and daily outings were limited to essential shopping and exercise; plus reconnecting with nature meant long strolls through cities, exploring new neighbourhoods and having adventures locally. Now, we take our freedom for granted less, and find more opportunity than ever to explore our own locales. Inevitably, our feet are carrying the weight of all this change – so it’s crucial to invest in solid footwear that protects them.

    For the ultimate in protective footwear, many shoemakers look to the military, where uniforms are a matter of life and death. At artisanal Majorcan brand Carmina, their Jumper boots imitate those made for paratroopers and airborne forces but are cut on a slim, elegant Soller last whilst Ludwig Reiter, which was originally founded to cater for the footwear needs of the Austro-Hungarian army, has developed a serious combat boot. Lined with lambskin and snowtop fur, the hefty Dachstein fastens with hooks and eyelets and is named after one of Austrian alps.

    Elevating the combat is Norman Vilalta, whose Derby-combat hybrid is cut in black pebblegrain calfskin with hard-wearing Goodyear-welted Vibram Gumlite Commando soles destined for stomping and stamping. They’re not just weatherproof, they’re life-proof, and are built for improved traction and grip. In fact, Vibram was founded when Vitale Bramani lost six friends to a climbing accident and decided to create soles that he believed would have helped save their lives, and the ridged tread has since been used by mountaineers all over the world.



      October 2020


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