Will Field on Smart Casual

Yuri & Yuri co-founder and author of the Savile Row Journal, Will Field gives his insight into the tenets of smart casual.
With companies like Goldman Sachs giving the formal suit the sack, the media increasingly focuses on the “smart casual movement” with an almost liberating tone. With the emergence of this new style trend, I thought it would be valuable for me to make some suggestions based on my own experience. This is not a “what to wear” guide, as I trust you know how to dress yourself already, but maybe you’ll find something valuable here that can keep you always looking your best.
I certainly don’t think it’s time to abandon the suit. Actually, quite the contrary. Whilst most of the customers on Savile Row are not from Generation Z, we cannot ignore constantly evolving consumer habits. People are shopping with contradicting values more than ever.I recently read an interesting report in which noted that a vast number of people are shopping for instant gratification and for sustainable, ethically produced products.With that said, I don’t think Savile Row should be abandoned either. Smart casual does not mean dressing like a Silicon Valley tech guru, flouncing about the office wearing mismatched gym clothes paired with sandals and socks. Smart casual bespoke is the perfect opportunity to nail all of the above.


Ryan Thompson


July 2019


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