For nearly two centuries, this family company has helped customers keep their most treasured heirlooms secure — in style.

Simon Philip Wolf is the latest in a long line of Wolf men to head up the brand that bears the clan’s name. “As the caretakers of a five-generation lineage, we understand that extraordinary objects are representations of extraordinary moments in life,” he replies when asked what it means to be heir to a family business and tradition. “Since 1834, the WOLF stamp has been a symbol of quality with a singular focus of preserving and protecting a lifetime of meaning-filled objects that can never be replaced.”

Wolf explains that the company began as a producer of precisely this sort of precious object, before pivoting to luxury storage solutions for jewellery, watches and so forth. The brand’s paterfamilias, Philip Wolf I, he says, was originally a silversmith in Germany. “He would display his silver in beautiful handcrafted boxes. He quickly found he was selling more boxes than silver and refocused his craft. Today, we continue to handcraft exquisite boxes that not only carry on our brand legacy, but protect the legacies that customers entrust in our products.”

Subsequent generations of Wolf would move the increasingly busy workshops from Germany to Sweden, then to Great Britain, where Philip Wolf IV (Simon Philip Wolf’s father) built the business up to the point where it employed some 300 people, making it among the largest manufacturers of jewellery boxes in Europe. Now, WOLF’s products are engineered and built to the same exacting standards as ever at the company’s own private facility in China, helping ensure the ongoing accessibility of these handcrafted products.



    October 2019


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