Without diverting from their roots, Z Zegna have yet again come up with a highly contemporary collection, one that brilliantly probes the positives of having to adapt.
The undulating nature of human life provokes endless spates of adaptability. Without widening our horizons to compensate for what’s going on around us, life plateaus or we get tugged backwards by the phenomenon of the time. Inversely it opens up a space to evolve – an area where progress is made through adapting, restructuring and rebuilding. Recognising this rare interval of life, Z Zegna have opted to take a leap forward and outwards by producing a collection that eliminates the barriers, separations and distinctions. The Z Zegna collection, (Re)tailoring the modern man, artistically and intelligently rouses the future during the present. With fluid and dynamic designs, they are playing on the adaptability of the modern man, thus withdrawing limits and extending the possibilities of a man’s journey in an increasingly opaque world.
“We all are experiencing a new reality concerned with new needs, which lead us to previously unseen lifestyles and attitudes. It is precisely at a time like this, when everything is under discussion, that we, at Zegna, have decided to (Re)set. We have looked at our roots to (Re)interpret our style codes and (Re)tailor the modern man. Outdoor and indoor come together and a new way of dressing takes hold, where comfort and style blend to create a new aesthetic”, says Alessandro Sartori, Zegna Artistic Director. The collection follows a seamless pace. A new and varied generation of jersey fabrics take centre stage. Shapes are fluid, comfortable and adaptable. In sync with lifestyles that blend indoors and outdoors, the tropes of stay-at-home dressing - the shawl collars and belted generosity of a robe de chambre, the ease of track pants and the coziness of hand cut jersey slippers - reshape the very idea of formality.
Chore coats in cashmere, wrapped as a robe, blend sport and luxury, whilst the hybrid suits in double cashmere are a reflection on the need for dynamic garments as the world changes. The discourse of formality is also openly communicated by giving archetypal items new functions. Ease and personality are the bywords: the reimagined suit, either loose or with a blazer tailored close to the body, is not a uniform, but a way of being oneself.
Under the genius direction of Sartori, Z Zegna continue to invent lifestyles in changing times. They bring a fresh spirit to tailoring, one that is invigorating and reassuring for the modern man. The positivity Z Zegna are able to exert on the cycle of human life, through their honest designs, again must be greatly commended.