Zegna: Masculinity through a profoundly personal lens

Ermenegildo Zegna continue to explore the question of “What makes a man?” Except this time the script has taken a twist to become “What makes my man?” Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis and his mother, Isabelle Adjani, are at the centre of the campaign and beautifully capture and portray this amended notion.

Before the pandemic – the tendency to look outward to compile answers was overrunning the place where we could have been looking in more depth. Zegna have been examining the theme of modern masculinity for a few seasons now, with the perennial question “What makes a man?” at the centre of it. However, the crux of the question has taken a deeply personal turn, with the brand directing the discussion to “What makes my man?” In the spotlight for this exploration is model, singer and songwriter Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis and his mother, Isabelle Adjani, who is herself a five-time Cesar Award-winning actress.



Freddie Anderson


April 2021


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