Zino Davidoff - from Cool Water to the Hottest Accessories

When Zino Davidoff founded his company in 1980, his MO was simple – create the finest accessories in the world. Nearly 40 years on, this still stands.

If the name 'Davidoff' seems familiar to you, it's because you will be almost certainly aware of its most famous fragrance, the alluringly blue-bottled Cool Water, first released in 1988 and still to this day one of the most successful men's scents ever created. It was really the first of its kind, a fresh and sharp change of direction from decades of heavy musk. Its subtle combination of cedarwood, neroli, jasmine and amber - complementing a new, flexible sense of masculine - is the reason why it is still so popular today. But Davidoff is far more than a global fragrance phenomenon. The brand takes its name from its late founder Zino Davidoff, who started the Swiss family business in 1980. Zino was a man of indisputable natural elegance and possessed an unwavering appreciation for fine quality, style, authenticity and good living, tenets upon which the brand is still built to this day. From genteel Russia to the Boulevard des Philosophes in Geneva to fascinating and manifold South America, his life was an everlasting adventure across borders and cultures in a continuous quest for the good things in life – his “zest for life”.


    Ryan Thompson


    May 2019


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