The Rake x Sautter x Samaroli Blended Scotch whisky

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The Rake x Sautter x Samaroli Blended Scotch whisky

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  • We are proud to announce our firstborn of the year; a combination of the elegance and flair of a fine cigar and the timeless essence of Scotland.

    Alongside Sautter and The Rake, we have created a single malt and a single grain blend which we believe is truly special.

    Designed to perfectly accompany a good cigar, this expression has elegant notes of dry white flower on the nose, as well as white stone fruit, candied pear, honey and Chantilly cream. These later morph into fruit, almonds, and sweet spices. On the palate, the whisky is crisp and delicate at the outset, becoming round and smooth. The finish recalls the dry fruit and white flowers in a memorable crescendo.

    We believe this is a remarkable homage to two great industries; each adding layers of complexity and tradition to create a superlative, connoisseur’s spirit.

    The blend composition features a distinguished 2003 Single Malt Scotch whisky from a renowned Speyside distillery, paired with a 2003 Single Grain Scotch whisky.


    70 cl