Andy Warhol: Popping with Contradictory style

With an edge of avant-garde, Andy Warhol’s largely achromatic tones were the antithesis of the Pop art movement that he erupted. It was all deliberate, but looking back he did have real style; the fashion cognoscenti of today certainly think so.
American pop artist Andy Warhol (1928 - 1987) in London on 22nd November 1975. (Photo by AGIP/RDA/Getty Images)

“For an artist with a lifelong reputation for sucking up to stars, Warhol also had a lifelong knack for making art that underlined their shortcomings and hollowness”, said Blake Gopnik in Warhol: A Life as Art, the acclaimed 2020 biography of the leader of the Pop art movement.

A life abounded in contradiction and ambiguity, it was these thrusts that not only fuelled his prophecy of America which was brilliantly exposed through his art, but they were present in his fashion style, and nearly every other facet of his life. Born Andrew Warhola Jr. in Pittsburgh, the decision to change his name to Andy Warhol upon his arrival in New York in 1949, unveiled early signs of his mindset of needing a public persona.


    Freddie Anderson


    March 2022


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