Lorenzo Cifonelli For The Rake

Introducing a new era of sartorialism. This year we have been working with the Godfather of Bespoke, Lorenzo Cifonelli, to create a capsule wardrobe consisting of the finest tailoring, separates and casual pieces. Like Cifonelli’s masterful cherry-picking of the finer points of Naples’ and London’s tailoring flare, Lorenzo Cifonelli For The Rake Collection, the second Autumn/Winter drop and our fourth collaboration to date, is a tale of two cities: or, rather, one city and one town. The former is Naples, where the artisanal flare long associated with that metropolis is applied to all the tailored goods and shirts in the range; the latter is Wellington, a small market town in rural Somerset in the west of England, and home to Fox Brothers: one of only a handful of surviving, operational cloth mills whose production process takes place entirely in England. The collection’s aesthetic focus, meanwhile, is based on a convergence in both Lorenzo and The Rake’s sartorial journey: a vision in which coat and trouser made from the same fabric is not a sartorial faux pas - we’re not talking here, the matching tie and pocket square abomination - but certainly a convention to be adhered to or taken with a pinch of salt depending on one’s mood and the occasion. Golden Age of Hollywood cuts, classic cloth patterns, Bertie Wooster-esque peak lapels layered with stuff that once would have been frowned upon in an office environment? If it looks right to you, it probably looks even more right to others.