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Brown Leather USAAF Aviator Jacket




Truly great leather jackets are a rarity, and few artisans can offer their clients total mastery over leather working. The Parisian house of Chapal is one of those few, as is epitomised by this USAAF Aviator Jacket exclusive to The Rake.

The story

Inspired by the iconic A2 and G1 models that Chapal produced for the allied air forces in the 1940s, this remarkable aviator jacket is a testimony to the exacting standards that Chapal have insisted upon for almost 200 years. For starters, the leather used is some of the finest known to man, a substantial yet butter-soft dark-tan calfskin which Chapal go to almost terrifying lengths to source. The fine grain yields leather that is extremely supple yet durable, and which will patina beautifully over time. Chapal is known for producing jackets which endure through the years, growing if anything better with age, and this iconic design is no exception.

Typical of Chapal though it may be, the jacket has received some unique rakish treatment nonetheless. The genuine silk-satin lining is a printed camouflage, and the jacket has been slimmed just a tad through the waist for a more fitted silhouette than otherwise. The detachable fur collar is dark chocolate in colour, as opposed to the usual cream and the sleeves have also been slimmed down for a more contemporary, streamlined look. The result is a jacket with all the hallmarks of one of the most storied leather-goods producers on the planet, with a modern edge to match.

Finished with all the requisite aviator trimmings; elasticated cuffs and hem, large front patch and flap pockets, an action-back and combined zip-up and pop-shut closure this is the king of luxurious leathers and is entirely exclusive to The Rake.

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