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Ludwig Reiter

The Husaren Boots




Named after the original Hungarian cavalry officer’s boot, made by legendary Austrian bottier, Ludwig Reiter, these Husaren boots are so formidable that pulling on a pair has the power to make one feel profoundly heroic. Just ask Brad Pitt who donned these to play Lieutenant Aldo Raines in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds.

The story

Realised in a rare waxy calfskin from the Gustave Degermann tannery in Alsace, the leather is first semi-chrome and vegetal tanned before being enriched with oil – providing its unique water-resistance, perfect for wearing in damp weather or snow. The owner of the Ludwig Reiter firm has even worn his to navigate Venice’s flooded winter streets.

Yet the leather’s pliability and softness makes these one of the most comfortable boots we’ve ever owned. Furthermore, the bootlaces are cut from the same leather as the body of the boot and are sewn into the eyelets. These then wrap around the ankle twice before being secured by a buckle, a system that has it’s roots in the Prussian cavalry to allow officers to dismount, rapidly readjust their boots and march with secure footing.
The boots also buckle at the top of the calf, whilst a Goodyear welted rubber commando sole adds to their robust appeal and provides the surest of footing.
Please be aware that these boots must be ordered-in from Ludwig Reiter’s workshop in Austria, so may take between 5-8 days to arrive.
Please note that boots can also be ordered in black, please email to place an order.