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  • Issue: 90
    Issue date: October 2023
    Cover Star: Kurt and Wyatt Russell

    This issue of the magazine encapsulates the best of our ambition, with a vision of people and products that can inspire us. Kurt Russell and his son Wyatt are our cover stars, and as our Founder has alluded to in his Note, the essence of the human story is wrapped up in what parents pass on to their children and what aspects of their parents the children take with them. In Kurt and Wyatt’s case, theirs is a moral, spiritual and professional story, as Wyatt has followed in his father’s vocational footsteps. We were lucky enough to be able to listen as they talked to each other about their relationship and their experiences.

    We also have an interview, conducted by Nick Foulkes, with one of our favorites since day dot of the magazine: the great Tim Jefferies, who is expanding his interests into the restaurant business, despite people assuming that his thriving gallery in Mayfair, Hamiltons, would be enough for his boundless energy. The T.V. presenter Dermot O’Leary, to chat about his latest publishing venture, a children’s book on the second world war.

    The writer Ed Cripps returns with not one but two features on intellectual artists with metiers so deep and profound we could have dedicated an issue to each of them: Akira Kurosawa and Arthur Miller.

    We gave Stuart Husband a long leash to cover the post-war craze for Hollywood, and the sexual high jinks and mafioso tendencies therein. It’s a brutal read about an unfathomably romantic period in time.

    Rake Time returns with stories on Vacheron Constantin, Tag Heuer, Blancpain and Bulgari, with ample watch content elsewhere, too, but if you’re looking for horological deep dives, these will scratch the itch.

    For fashion features we kick off with a story on Ralph Lauren’s Polo Originals. We were fortunate to get a behind-the-scenes look when the latest Originals campaign was shot, and we were the first, therefore, to capture original photography of the clothes after the brand itself. 

    We also look at Dior’s new Essentials collection, which serves as a valedictory salute to the passing of summer. And the magazine’s Founder, Wei Koh, spent time with Messrs Dolce and Gabbana to mark their latest breathtaking Alta shows in Puglia, Italy.

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