10 of the World's Greatest Menswear Stores

Embark on a sartorial journey that spans continents, from the historic streets of London to the vibrant districts of Tokyo and the elegant boulevards of Paris. This curated guide showcases an array of boutiques and ateliers, each offering a unique blend of craftsmanship, heritage, and style.

10 of the World's Greatest Menswear Stores

From the storied tailors of London's Savile Row to the avant-garde boutiques of Milan and the eclectic ateliers of Tokyo, each destination offers a unique window into the soul of its city, marrying tradition with contemporary innovation. This guide is an invitation to explore an array of boutiques and ateliers across the globe, where the art of fashion is celebrated and revered. Here, craftsmanship, heritage, and a relentless pursuit of excellence converge, creating garments that are not just worn, but experienced. These destinations are sanctuaries of style, where every stitch and seam tells a story of dedication, passion, and artistic vision. 

Huntsman, London

Huntsman on Savile Row is the epitome of bespoke British tailoring, a symbol of unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless elegance. With a history rich in sartorial excellence, Huntsman offers an oasis of luxury for those in pursuit of the perfect suit. The store itself, with its classic interiors and an air of quiet sophistication, serves as a testament to the art of tailoring, inviting clients to partake in a tradition that has defined gentlemanly attire for generations.

Bryceland’s & Co, Tokyo

Stepping into Bryceland’s & Co is like entering a crossroads of global fashion cultures, where East meets West in a harmonious blend of style. The store is an embodiment of diversity, offering a range from impeccable tailoring to rugged, durable workwear. The ambience is enriched by the soulful strains of co-founder Ethan Newton's guitar, providing a soundtrack to the meticulous selection of silk ties, chinos, denim, and bespoke shoes. Behind the scenes, skilled tailors work their magic, ensuring every garment fits to perfection, making Bryceland’s a cornerstone of Tokyo’s eclectic fashion scene.

Drake’s, London

Tucked away on the historic Savile Row, Drake's distinguishes itself not merely as a tailor but as an all-encompassing outfitter for the modern gentleman. Beyond its doors lies a world where eccentricity and exceptional craftsmanship coalesce, offering a full-look collection that spans the wardrobe. The ambiance, reminiscent of an eclectic artist's atelier, is punctuated by verdant, towering palms in ornate ceramic vessels, setting a backdrop to the meticulously arranged displays of shirts, bespoke suits, knitwear, and footwear. Drake’s is also famed for its exquisite neckties, each a testament to the brand’s devotion to quality, making it a sanctuary for those who value individuality and artisanal skill in equal measure.

Massimo Alba, Milan

In the heart of Milan's vibrant Brera district, Massimo Alba's boutique stands as a beacon of sartorial elegance, offering garments that blend casual sophistication with tactile luxury. The store is a carefully curated space where soft corduroy and unique color palettes come to life in tailoring, alongside grandad shirts that carry the weight of nostalgia with a contemporary twist. Pocket squares, akin to wearable art, boast whimsical prints that capture Alba's poetic vision. Amidst the vintage allure of parquet floors and lush greenery, the boutique also serves as a gallery for rare furniture and evocative photographic art, making it a personal narrative of style and beauty.

Connolly, London

Nestled in the heart of London, Connolly is a testament to the synergy between art, fashion, and interior design, curated under the discerning eye of Isabel Ettedgui. The store transcends the traditional retail experience, inviting visitors into a world where luxury clothing and leather goods meet architectural beauty. Marble accents and oak spiral stairs complement the meticulously crafted collections, while an integrated exhibition space showcases the intersection of clothing design and visual art. Connolly stands as a beacon of luxury, where every piece tells a story of heritage and innovation.

Beige Habilleur, Paris

In the quaint corner of Paris stands Beige Habilleur, a boutique that champions the philosophy of mindful consumption. Established by Basile Khadiry and Jean-Baptiste Ménétrier, the store curates a selection that spans the globe, from the precision of Japanese sunglasses to the warmth of Irish knitwear. It's a destination for those who seek not just clothes, but pieces that narrate stories of craftsmanship and enduring style, embodying a commitment to the 'buy less, buy better' ethos.

Anderson & Sheppard Haberdashery, London

 Expanding upon the legacy of its bespoke tailoring heritage, Anderson & Sheppard Haberdashery in London offers an array of menswear essentials, from finely crafted trousers to luxurious accessories. The store's ambiance reflects a blend of traditional elegance and contemporary sophistication, with a team of experts, including Audie Charles and Anda Rowland, providing guidance and personalized service. It's a place where London's diverse characters converge, seeking not just clothing, but an experience that embodies the spirit of Savile Row.

The Armoury, Hong Kong

In the bustling heart of Hong Kong, The Armoury stands as a modern-day menswear haven, blending the finest European and Japanese craftsmanship. The store is a treasure trove of sartorial excellence, offering everything from Neapolitan tailoring to bespoke tuxedos, crafted in collaboration with artisans around the world. Personalized service is at the core of The Armoury's ethos, ensuring that each visit is not just a shopping trip, but a bespoke experience tailored to the individual's needs.

Clutch Cafe, London

Clutch Cafe is a unique fusion of Japanese design sensibility and midcentury American style, nestled in London. It's not just a store but a cultural hub where fashion enthusiasts gather to explore a curated selection of menswear that bridges continents and eras. From heritage denim to bomber jackets, each piece tells a story of craftsmanship and style. The cafe adds to the ambiance, providing a space where patrons can savor quality coffee amidst an atmosphere steeped in global fashion culture.

Husbands, Paris

 Husbands in Paris redefines the concept of a tailor’s shop, elevating the suit to a cultural icon with the power to transform. Founder Nicolas Gabard infuses each piece with a philosophy that dressing well is an act of self-improvement and cultural expression. The boutique, with its minimalist elegance, offers a sanctuary where style is imbued with meaning, and each suit is a testament to the art of tailoring, designed to elevate the wearer's presence in the world.