Bentley and Private White V.C. to reimagine the Bentayga

Introducing the Bentley Bentayga Private White V.C. Edition, a singular expression of luxury, heritage, and craftsmanship inspired by WWI Private Jack White hero's bravery.

Bentley and Private White V.C. to reimagine the Bentayga

Bentley Motors unveils a singular Bentley Bentayga, the Private White V.C. edition, a one-of-a-kind creation that epitomises the essence of British heritage, exceptional craftsmanship, and the luxury fashion spirit synonymous with both Private White V.C. and Bentley Motors. This unique Bentayga, a product of a collaboration between Bentley Manchester and Mulliner, has already found a buyer, having been purchased by a local enthusiast.

The exclusive edition pays tribute to Private Jack White, a World War I hero born in 1896, who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his bravery. His act of valor involved using a copper telephone line to save an officer, his men, and their equipment under intense enemy fire. Inspired by Private White's courage and the contemporary Private White V.C. clothing line, this Bentayga Azure incorporates intricate copper details throughout its interior, including seat piping, embroidery, and bespoke features reminiscent of the copper telephone line White used during his heroic act.

The vehicle's interior craftsmanship reflects the functionality and style of military-inspired clothing, with purposeful sewing lines on the seats and door interiors. Embroidery highlights include the Victoria Cross emblem on the headrests and Private White V.C. lettering, enhancing the cabin's exclusivity. Additionally, the rear cushions are made from a special Lancashire-woven cashmere cloth, commissioned to honor Jack White’s regimental blanket stripe.

The dashboard features unique organ stops in anodised copper and showcases a silhouette of ‘Cottenham House’, the historic Private White V.C. factory established in 1853, on the passenger fascia. A bespoke touch is added with embroidered bulldogs in the door pockets, symbolizing the company's unofficial mascot often seen at the factory.

Externally, the Bentayga sports a Dark Sapphire finish, complemented by the contemporary Blackline Specification and rear privacy glass. The bespoke 22” bright machined, colour-matched wheels are adorned with Private White V.C. bespoke badging and subtle copper accents, enhancing the vehicle's sophisticated appearance.

Last but not least, the collaboration includes a capsule collection of bespoke clothing from Private White V.C., offered to the owner of this limited edition Bentayga, further cementing this vehicle as a testament to bespoke luxury and the enduring legacy of heroism and craftsmanship.