Cutting His Own Jib: Lorenzo Cifonelli

Power, strength and nobility: the attributes of the Native American thunderbird could also be used to describe the style of the house of Cifonelli. Here, bespoke tailor Lorenzo Cifonelli gives us a glimpse into his personal sartorial collection.
Cutting His Own Jib: Lorenzo Cifonelli

Maestro Lorenzo Cifonelli has tailoring coursing through his veins. Not only was he born into, and bred by, a tailoring dynasty, with both Italian and French heritage, but he has grown the Cifonelli brand into one of the most coveted houses in the world. So bursting at the seams was the demand for the Cifonelli label to appear in the wardrobes of the well-heeled, he launched a ready-to-wear collection and store on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. It is no surprise that Lorenzo himself possesses the swag and rakishness of a man befitting his role.

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This jacket is made from jersey. A tricky fabric, stretchy and unstable, but no match for our man’s shears, as he has a fantastic bespoke offering with it. It is the perfect travelling jacket because it is not only comfortable, but it also will not crease, so you will always look sharp.
Lorenzo wears bespoke suede boots from Dimitri Gomez. He has found himself with a large collection of suede shoes: “I find them chic and classy.”
Dual citizenship of the two most sartorially accomplished nations on Earth imbues Lorenzo not only with a D.N.A. that you can see in the immaculate finishing of a Cifonelli  suit, but also a very specific and unenviable duty to carry forward the long traditions of both nations. He does so with great aplomb.
The pendant is a colourful find from Harpo in Paris. It is a thunderbird, a Native American symbol that evokes “power, strength and nobility”, says Lorenzo. A good summation of the house of Cifonelli.
Eyewear legend Maison Bonnet has created these made-to-measure frames with Lorenzo’s name engraved into them. “I would recommend Maison Bonnet to anybody,” he says.