Fashion Books Every Style-Conscious Man Needs In His Library

The latest menswear volumes that deserve a place in any gentleman's library. From exploring Savile Row's bespoke traditions to unpacking masculinities through style across the centuries.

Fashion Books Every Style-Conscious Man Needs In His Library

True sartorial sophistication requires cultivating an appreciation for the rich traditions, artistry, and cultural insights that shape the menswear realm. Fortunately, the latest book releases provide ample scholarly sources and visually-rich inspiration to deepen any clothing connoisseur's knowledge.

Whether one's interests lie in exploring the bespoke tailoring customs of London's iconic Savile Row, the technical mastery of premium watchmaking, or how clothing has redefined masculine identity across the centuries, there are engaging new tomes to satisfy every fashion curiosity. From lavishly illustrated histories to candid designer biographies to practical style guides, these volumes deserve a place in any sartorially-minded gentleman's library.

Impeccably researched and insightful, these must-read fashion books will not only enrich one's understanding of style but also provide the inspiration to refine and confidently express one's own personal aesthetic. For the discerning man who aspires to dress with purpose and passion, adding these works to his collection is de rigueur.

Savile Row: The Master Tailors of British Bespoke, James Sherwood

No study of tailoring and men's style is complete without exploring the hallowed street that is its spiritual home. James Sherwood's "Savile Row" is the definitive story of this legendary London address and the bespoke tailors that have sculpted its reputation over centuries. This lavishly illustrated volume provides an insider's tour, profiling the prestigious houses of Gieves & Hawkes, Henry Poole & Co., and Anderson & Sheppard. Sherwood's expert commentary illuminates the craftsmanship and customs that have made Savile Row the apex of suitmaking. For anyone who has admired the unmatched cut and construction of British tailoring, this book is essential reading.

Making the Cut, Richard Anderson

For those who desire to truly understand the secrets of Savile Row, Anderson's "Making the Cut" is an indispensable guide. The esteemed tailor introduces readers to the art and methodology of cutting bespoke suits and garments. But this is no dry instructional — Anderson showcases 25 of his menswear designs reconstructed in avant-garde ways, from a bold red seersucker coat to a showstopping sequined dinner jacket. His stories behind the conception and construction of each piece provide insights into the creative process of an iconic tailor. Aspiring stylists and rakish dressers alike will be enthralled by the blend of tradition and innovation.

Icons of Men's Style, Josh Sims

While many fashion tomes idolise designers, Josh Sims' "Icons of Men's Style" celebrates the clothing itself — the humble, everyman staples that provide the foundation for any wardrobe. Sims traces the origins and impact of items like the T-shirt, jeans, Oxford shirt and trench coat. His narratives, enriched by testimony from leading collectors, remind us that true style is derived not from labels but from how ordinary pieces are worn. This deeply researched book is a must for anyone seeking to develop an authentic, individualistic aesthetic.

The Watch, Gene Stone & Stephen Pulvirent

Not merely an accessory, the timepiece is the ultimate statement piece, and best expresses the intersection of fashion, craftsmanship and engineering. Stone and Pulvirent's essential guide covers the world's most esteemed watchmakers, providing overviews of iconic brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe and Cartier. The authors supply practical knowledge on how to build and maintain a collection. But this volume is also a visual feast, with stunning photography that captures timepieces' breathtaking mechanics and artistry up close. Whether one's passion is horological or simply appreciating wearable sculpture, "The Watch" deserves a place in any gentleman's library.

Vintage Menswear, Douglas Gunn, Josh Sims, Roy Luckett

For those who find sartorial inspiration in the past, "Vintage Menswear" provides an incredible catalogue of 20th-century design. This oversized volume features 130 influential pieces of clothing and accessories from the renowned collection of London's Vintage Showroom. Divided into sections on sportswear, militaria and workwear, it spans eras and continents, each garment showcasing the exceptional construction, detailing and masculine flair of its time. The curators' commentary offers context on the socioeconomic influences and design movements that produced each exceptional piece.

100 Years of Menswear, Cally Blackman

Fashion historian Cally Blackman takes a panoramic view of the past century of men's style in this sweeping volume. "100 Years of Menswear" is a rich visual chronicle of clothing and the cultural forces that shaped it decade by decade. Blackman celebrates the British designers like Tommy Nutter who sparked revolutionary tastes, while also crediting the Hollywood celebrities, musicians and social subcultures that secured new looks in the mainstream. This meticulously researched compendium ensures its reader emerges with a deeper understanding of how and why menswear has evolved.

ABC of Men's Fashion, Hardy Amies

For timeless sartorial wisdom, one can't go wrong with the sage advice of Sir Hardy Amies. The esteemed British dressmaker, who defined mid-century Continental style, imparts his principles for dressing well in "ABC of Men's Fashion." With characteristically wry wit, Amies covers all the fundamentals — from selecting quality fabrics to understanding proper fit to accessorising with sprezzatura. His maxims, like "A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them," reinforce that true elegance stems from nonchalance. This slender volume belongs in the collection of any man who aspires to cultivate a signature look of insouciant sophistication.

House of Nutter, Lance Richardson

The swashbuckling designs of Tommy Nutter defined the flamboyant 1960s as much as they outfitted its biggest icons, from the Beatles to Elton John. In "House of Nutter," Lance Richardson chronicles the lives of Nutter and his partner Bobby Hilliker, the pair of young, gay tailors who reshaped English fashion with their daring reinvention of the suit. Richardson's candid narrative not only relates their rise to stardom but also the loves, struggles and tragic misfortunes that colored their brilliant but all-too-brief career. It's an inspiring story of how liberating one's authentic personal style can upend an entire industry.

Fashioning Masculinities, Rosalind McKever, Claire Wilcox, Marta Franceschini

This scholarly yet accessible anthology examines how concepts of masculinity have been expressed and evolved through fashion across the centuries. The essays examine cultural touchstones and influencers ranging from Renaissance paintings to modern trailblazers like Virgil Abloh, providing insights into how clothing has both reinforced and challenged traditional masculine ideals across eras. For the intellectually curious dresser, "Fashioning Masculinities" stimulates by illuminating style's power as a catalyst for social change.