Frieze London 2023: 20 years of aesthetics. And fashion

Frieze London commemorates two decades of artistic excellence, and it's clear that the event is more than just an art fair.

Frieze London 2023: 20 years of aesthetics. And fashion

As Frieze London celebrates two decades of creative excellence, the stage is set for an extraordinary, complex-aesthetics moment. The more we delve into the excitement of this year's event, the clearer it becomes that Frieze has evolved into more than just an art fair, where the focus is as much on the people as it is on the art. Collectors, artists, gallerists, and visitors come together to create one of the most stylish gatherings of the year — a playground for interpreting the latest tailoring tendencies amidst the artistic backdrop.

In the early days of Frieze, the scene was marked by an LSD fountain, a human birthday cake featuring three naked men adorned with sparkling candles, and even playful eight-year-olds impersonating art dealers who tumbled humorously whenever a camera was pointed at them. The Frieze art fair, which debuted 14 years ago, injected a potent mix of danger, anarchy, and fun into the previously staid international art fair scene (see under ‘Basel’). At the first Frieze an artist was allowed to pitch a small tent against the larger structure in Regent’s Park, creating an unofficial entry and introducing an element of affordability to the scene. The first night was marked by unrestrained mayhem as billionaire art buyers mingled with artists, dealers, and event-goers, eagerly awaiting entry to the festivities. Fake queues, secret doors leading to intriguing labyrinths for secret deals, a grassy knoll for rolling, and even a thrift store with high-quality cashmere all added to the event's allure.

Today, Frieze London offers a different ambience, emphasising fun, youth, and allure over the art on the walls. It's a vibrant mix of music and film insiders, fashion icons, art students, and the truly affluent. The atmosphere is akin to a fusion of London Fashion Week, a hedge-fund gala, and more, where the spectrum of fashion is showcased in a real-world context. Amidst this dynamic crowd, art dealers from Mayfair galleries stand out in their Savile Row suits, Hermès ties, and Turnbull & Asser shirts, providing a charming contrast alongside the latest trends. 

For first-time-visitors to Frieze London, we've curated a selection of outfits that will ensure an unmistakable rakish elegance to live up the art on display. 


Photography: Kim Lang.
Photography: Charlie Grey; Models: Sid at Elite and Betsy at Next.
Photography: Danny Kasirye; Models: Tidiou at Select and Karl at Elite.
Photography: Carter Berg; Model: Oriol at Ralph Lauren.
Photography: Kim Lang; Model: Raashid Hooks at Models 1.