Loro Piana FW 24 Collection Making A Tribute to 100 Years of Luxury Menswear

Loro Piana's latest men's collection brings heritage to the forefront, featuring the "fiori di cardo" symbol and an innovative Milan newsstand takeover. The Fall Winter collection marries century-old craftsmanship with modern touches, setting a new luxury benchmark.

Loro Piana FW 24 Collection Making A Tribute to 100 Years of Luxury Menswear

Unveiled at Milan Fashion Week, the Loro Piana Fall Winter 2024-2025 Collection pays homage to the Maison’s savoir-faire and traditions while honouring 100 years of history. An extraordinary journey across fibres, fabrics, shapes, and silhouettes that tells a story of unique know-how, technical expertise, and ultimate quality. 

The collection narrates a story of tradition and innovation, showcasing materials like Cashmere, Baby Cashmere, Vicuña, The Gift of Kings, the Sopra Visso wool and Pecora Nera under a new light that blends innovative thought with reflective homage. Central to the experience is an immersive installation that takes attendees on a journey through time, highlighted by the historical “fiori di cardo” machine, a machinery equipped with dried thistle flowers that was used to brush and raise cashmere on the most exclusive fabrics during the finishing process, and a symbol of Loro Piana's dedication to the artistry behind textile manufacturing.

A standout feature of this year's collection is the introduction of Graphene-infused garments, a testament to the brand's commitment to innovation. Graphene is a membrane with outstanding heat-conducting properties, distributing body heat evenly for ultimate comfort.

Beyond the runway, Loro Piana engaged the public with activations that brought the brand's heritage to life, transforming a Milanese newsstand in via Dei Giardini into a floral installation that celebrated the iconic "fiori di cardo". An initiative that offered a tangible connection to the Maison's values, enriching the public's appreciation for its aesthetic and philosophical foundations and gifting bouquets of carefully selected thistle flowers to passing visitors.

The Men's Collection for Fall Winter 2024-2025 perfectly balances classic ruggedness with a modern sensibility, featuring pieces that speak of effortless sophistication. This collection is a tribute to the Loro Piana man, an embodiment of outdoor love fused with refined taste.

Design details throughout the collection pay homage to the personal styles of Sergio and Pier Luigi Loro Piana, reflecting their individual approaches to elegance. Cardo-shaped pins, reminiscent of the tools used in the cashmere finishing process, serve not only as functional elements but as nods to the brand's history. 

The collection's silhouette speaks to a relaxed yet refined sensibility. Unstructured blazers and roomy overshirts, designed for both comfort and style, reflect a modern interpretation of formalwear. Coats, with their generous cuts, feel like inherited treasures, embodying a sense of warmth and history. The Loro Piana man, as envisioned in this collection, is one who moves effortlessly between the demands of outdoor life and the sophistication of urban settings. This duality is captured in the selection of field jackets, bombers, and multi-pocket vests, as well as in the luxurious knitwear and wool fur shirt-jackets.

Even the more formal aspects of the collection, including evening wear like tuxedos and shearling coats, maintain a relaxed elegance. Silk turtlenecks and stand-up collar shirts offer a modern alternative to traditional formal attire, suggesting a seamless transition from day to evening without sacrificing comfort or style.

The color palette and textures of the collection create a rich tapestry of sensory experiences. From the earthy tones of venus rice and tundra to the vibrant accents of dark Vicuña and shadow blue, each color choice is deliberate, designed to evoke a connection to the natural world.

In rounding out the collection, Loro Piana introduces a curated selection of men's leather goods and footwear that echo the collection's themes of heritage and innovation. The oversized Bale bag and the weekender version of the Loom bag, in particular, reflect a pragmatic yet stylish approach to accessories, available in a range of colors that complement the collection's aesthetic.