Speak Easy, Episode Two: Alex Zagrebelny

Speak Easy, our new video series, follows The Rake's Creative Director, Brandon Hinton, on a journey to discover the future of luxury. For Episode Two, we meet Alex Zagrebelny, CEO and Founder of R.Evolution, to discover the fusion of sustainable luxury and architectural brilliance that defines the Ewya project — a testament to innovation and a new era of living.

Speak Easy, Episode Two: Alex Zagrebelny

Next on Speak EasyThe Rake's new series that showcases the visionaries shaping the luxury industry and sharing their success philosophies to inspire the next generation of tastemakers — we embark on an extraordinary journey with Alex Zagrebelny, CEO and Chairman of R.Evolution Real Estate, as he unveils his latest marvel in Dubai: the Ewya project.

Zagrebelny has pioneered a path where luxury and sustainability intersect, guiding R.Evolution to create spaces that are as environmentally conscious as they are opulent. His expertise and foresight have been instrumental in shaping the company into a brand synonymous with innovation and luxury over its two-decade journey across Europe. The Ewya project in Dubai is a crowning achievement in this legacy, embodying the concept of "Wild Luxury" with its nature-inspired designs, including banyan tree décor and private waterfalls.

Speak Easy second episode features a project that represents a significant shift in luxury real estate, creating a holistic living experience, incorporating green practices and amenities designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Join us as we uncover the stories of ambition, creativity, and innovation that are shaping the future of Dubai, paying tribute to the visionaries reimagining our living spaces. Prepare for an inspiring tale of luxury, sustainability, and architectural marvels that promise to leave a lasting legacy on the real estate scene.

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