Street Cred: Five Of The Most Beautiful Streets In The World To Lay Your Hat

Are you in need of a change of scenery? Who isn’t? THE RAKE’s Property Correspondent scours the globe to find five of the most beautiful streets in which to lay your hat.

Street Cred: Five Of The Most Beautiful Streets In The World To Lay Your Hat

When this issue’s assignment was presented to me, I wanted to shift my gaze from the U.K. and immerse myself in other cultures and architecture. What I discovered was that the most attractive places to live manage to harmonise architecture with the natural landscape. Identify this environmental wavelength, and your living experience will soar... 

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Nestled in the enchanting landscape of the Rif Mountains is Chefchaouen, known as the ‘Blue Pearl’, a charming town of cobalt-hued dwellings that help create a picturesque and tranquil atmosphere. And nestled within Chefchaouen is my recommendation for its finest street: Rue Outiwi. Chefchaouen’s rich cultural tapestry — it is influenced by Berber, Arab and Andalusian traditions — makes for a vibrant community life. The medina’s narrow, winding streets reveal hidden gems of local craftsmanship, colourful markets and authentic Moroccan cuisine. Beyond its visual allure, the town provides a friendly welcome and seeks to foster a sense of belonging. With its temperate climate, breathtaking scenery and cultural depth, Chefchaouen beckons as an idyllic haven. 

A neighbourhood in Chefchaouen in Morocco.

Lijiang, China 

Lijiang, in China’s Yunnan province, captivates with its timeless charm. Its status as a Unesco World Heritage site is well deserved, for it boasts a meticulously preserved ancient town with cobblestone streets, traditional Nakhi architecture, and intricate waterways. I think Qiyi Street, in the ancient town, perfectly sums up the beauty of the region. The awe-inspiring Jade Dragon Snow mountain serves as a majestic backdrop, and beyond the physical beauty, Lijiang offers plenty of culture, including local festivals showcasing the Nakhi minority’s unique traditions. The moderate climate, with cool summers and mild winters, enhances its residential appeal, and the town’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices promotes a harmonious living environment. Lijiang is not just a destination, it is a testament to China’s vast history and natural beauty. 

Lijiang in China.

Telluride, Colorado 

Telluride, in the majestic San Juan mountains, seamlessly blends historical architecture with stunning natural landscapes, offering residents an arresting backdrop for their daily lives. It is surrounded by towering peaks that provide unparalleled views, and sunrises and sunsets in the region are awe-inspiring. In the town, I particularly like West Colorado Avenue because it reminds me of a street from a spaghetti western — I always imagine Clint Eastwood coming out of one of the houses, cigarette in his mouth and a hand on his holster. Beyond its visual appeal, Telluride boasts a vibrant cultural scene, with annual film and music festivals drawing a diverse crowd. The community’s commitment to outdoor recreation is evident in its world-class skiing, hiking and mountain biking opportunities, ensuring an active and healthy lifestyle. And Telluride’s welcoming community fosters a sense of belonging, making it not just a beautiful place but a home where residents can forge lasting connections. 

West Colorado Avenue in Telluride and the San Juan mountains.

Kyoto, Japan 

Kyoto is an exquisite choice for a residential home due to its blend of cultural heritage and modern amenities. The city’s beautiful landscapes are adorned with traditional temples, lush gardens and serene rivers, all of which create an atmosphere of timeless beauty. Tetsugaku-no-michi is a lovely residential street, boasting wonderful views of the cherry blossom. Choosing Kyoto means immersing oneself in the elegant, historical architecture, like Kinkaku-ji temple and the Fushimi Inari shrine. Kyoto also offers a balance of tradition and innovation. Residents enjoy access to renowned Japanese cuisine, local markets and lively festivals. The well-preserved historic districts, such as Gion, are charming, while modern infrastructure ensures convenience. Kyoto’s efficient public transport and healthcare facilities contribute to a high quality of life. 

Kyoto in Japan.

Amalfi Coast, Italy 

The Amalfi Coast’s beauty and cultural richness are celebrated the world over, and a home here would be a privilege. My favourite town along the coast is Praiano, and there is a particular road there that stands out: Via Costantinopoli. With their dramatic cliffs overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, the towns of Amalfi, Positano and Ravello all offer breathtaking panoramic views. The Mediterranean climate ensures mild winters and warm summers, creating a comfortable living environment, and the pastel-coloured houses clinging to the mountainside are famously charming. The Amalfi Coast’s rich history is also reflected in its historic architecture, ancient cathedrals and quaint villages. The local culture, delectable cuisine and proximity to renowned landmarks, such as Pompeii and the city of Naples, enhance the living experience. The Amalfi Coast offers a tranquil and luxurious lifestyle, and it is no wonder it attracts those in search of beauty, nature and history. 

The Amalfi Coast.

Photo Credits: Getty Images