The Rake & Revolution shops are open in The Fari Islands

An eco-conscious archipelago, the Fari Islands, Maldives is one of the world's most exclusive new travel destinations. The Rake & Revolution are extremely proud to announce that their island-chic stores are now open to guests in this idyllic paradise.
The Rake & Revolution shops are open in The Fari Islands
The Rake & Revolution are delighted to announce the official opening of our two brick-and-mortar shops in the Fari Islands, Maldives. It is a momentous milepost in our 14-year journey, which all started at the publication of our first Issue, which sought to recount in our own edified way the traditions and relevance of craft, featuring the world’s greatest tailors and craftspeople to create a world in which a community could congregate and a dream be realised.
Almost 76 Issues in, and continuing to be the modern voice of classic elegance, we thought it was the right time to embark on a special project that will not only reference elegance and sophistication in a new orbit, but make it a tangible reality for The Fari Islands’ discerning guests. Not content on running an elementary outpost, we have utterly transformed the perception of the resort shop by creating the most vibrant, relevant and irrefutably elegant mixed-brand retail concept in the world. Decorated as island-chic homes to bespeak the islands tranquillity our shops are replete with items from designers who typify authentic artisanship, whilst placing special emphasis on ethical and sustainable practice. In keeping with our passion to celebrate the craft and backgrounds of our handpicked artisanal brands, every piece in our shops will be communicated through editorially rich storytelling, which can be found on the Fari Islands’ websites, social media as well as the hand-held mobile units located in every room and used as all-purpose resort guides and transactional devices.
Mindful and perceptive to the Fari Islands’ unwavering commitment to nurture sustainability, our brands have been deliberately elected to sincerely co-exist with the very values that both the Fari Islands and their guests are invested in. The Godfathers of Bespoke, Cifonelli, offer ready-to-wear men's garments designed for special evenings spent at one of the hotel’s sophisticated restaurants, whilst there's stylish swimwear apparel from Ripa Ripa and Vilebrequin. And we’re extremely proud to present a selection of high-calibre womenswear brands, who in many ways represent a new face of sustainable luxury, and whose items will perfectly synchronise with the ethos of the Fari Islands. LemLem Official, and Cloe Cassandro are just two of the brands chosen to offer sculptural pieces of objet d’art that are undeniably elegant and distinctive. Additionally, there is an enviable selection of timepieces from some of the finest brands in the world of horology, whilst we have been fortunate to accumulate an extraordinary spectrum of Jewellery, courtesy of Eléonor Founder & Editor of The Eye of Jewelry who has gone to great lengths to handpick the assortment.
The Fari Islands is already renowned for its integrated approach. It is one of the virtues that most appealed to us – as despite the fact we are giving guests the opportunity to purchase wonderful items, we are here to dispense a sense of enjoyment. This could be joining us for a Negroni or two, or simply having a jovial conversation with our team on the ground, Jimi and Wilma who will warmly welcome guests into our stores, whilst being on hand to offer any advice on a range of Fari Island topics.