What to pack for Pitti 105: 5 key pieces for every sartorialist

Get set for Pitti Uomo 105 with The Rake's expertly curated guide to the five essential pieces that echo the prevailing trends of this year. We've carefully selected items that blend classic elegance with modern flair, ensuring you stay at the forefront of men's fashion at the premier event.

What to pack for Pitti 105: 5 key pieces for every sartorialist

As Florence ignites with the vibrancy of men's fashion, Pitti Uomo 105 is set to showcase the latest in masculine style. From January 9 to 12, the Fortezza da Basso in Florence will be transformed into a bustling hub for men's fashion, hosting a plethora of events, fashion shows, and the latest collection presentations. This 105th winter edition, inspired by the concept of TIME, brings together 835 brands, creating a crucible for creativity that blends classic styles with new-age demands, and featuring special appearances by guest designers Luca Magliano and Steven Stokey-Daley, and innovative collections by renowned brands.

Joining this grandeur of style, we've curated five key pieces that will be in vogue at Pitti 2024, and also serve as a perfect source of inspiration for your sartorial outfits. Inspired by the show's calendar, collections and trends, The Rake will guide you in adapting the latest styles to your own wardrobe, ensuring you navigate this edition with unmatched elegance and a keen fashion sense. From the reinvention of classic pieces to the embrace of new, innovative designs, below are your essentials for capturing the spirit of this year's event.

Minimalist yet expressive Blazer — Luca Magliano's influence

Luca Magliano's approach to menswear, one of the protagonists at this year's Pitti Uomo, epitomizes a trend that merges minimalist sensibilities with a distinct, somewhat unruly character. His designs often challenge traditional menswear norms, introducing elements of casualness and scruffiness into fundamentally classic pieces. This trend speaks to a broader movement in fashion that embraces a relaxed yet thoughtful aesthetic, where simplicity is paired with individualistic elements to create a unique style statement.

Vintage-inspired Denim — Roy Roger’s retro revival

Roy Roger's, making a statement at Pitti Uomo 105, brought back the nostalgia of the '80s with its iconic 5-pocket jeans. These jeans, rich in heritage, were uniquely adorned with patches and stickers from the brand's archival graphics, embodying a retro "salt and pepper" effect characteristic of that decade. This revival of vintage styles, with a nod to classic denim craftsmanship, aligns perfectly with the rakish appreciation for timeless fashion that transcends eras. 

Elegant Headwear — Borsalino's grand return

Marking its grand return to Pitti Uomo, Borsalino showcases its exquisite Autumn-Winter 24/25 men's collection, which also includes selections for women. Known for their unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless appeal, Borsalino's hats are more than just accessories; they're a statement of luxury and style. From the iconic fedora to contemporary designs, each piece is a testament to the brand's legacy in fashion. Their presence at Pitti Uomo 105 underscores the importance of elegant accessories in menswear, where a Borsalino hat adds a refined touch to any ensemble.​

Velvet Accents — Stefano Chiassai's "Velvet mi amor" project

The project Velvet mi amor at Pitti Uomo highlights the enduring appeal and evolution of velvet in fashion. Velvet, a fabric with a rich history, has been reinvented over the years, acquiring new forms and functionalities. This trend showcases how traditional materials can be reimagined to fit modern fashion contexts, blending historical elegance with contemporary style. The use of velvet in modern attire speaks to a nostalgia for luxurious fabrics while embracing innovation in textile technology and design.

Luxury performance wear — Tod’s and Automobili Lamborghini collaboration

The collaboration between Tod’s and Lamborghini, one of this year's Pitti Uomo news, celebrates the luxury Made in Italy and represents a growing trend in luxury performance wear. This trend is about merging the sophistication of high-end fashion with the practicality and comfort of performance wear. It reflects a lifestyle that values both aesthetics and functionality, catering to the needs of a dynamic, active life without compromising on style. This approach demonstrates how luxury brands are evolving to meet the demands of a more versatile and practical wardrobe while maintaining their signature elegance.