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Turnbull & Asser

The Sartorial Survival Cashmere-Silk Mega Square



The story

Why stop at a pocket square when you could have a mega square? Turnbull & Asser’s signature cashmere-silk shawl has been reimagined here as the ‘Sartorial Survival Mega Square’, in collaboration with one of London’s most sought after design gurus, Mo Coppoletta.


The Rationale

Designed to be worn in any number of ways, this sumptuous lightweight shawl was hand-screen printed by Adamley, one of the longest-standing silk printers in Macclesfield, specifically. Inspired by early 20th century bandages, which were printed with instructions for their application, our, mega square is emblazoned with illustrations intended to guide the rakish gentleman through its manifold uses.

The ecru and smoky grey colour scheme with its burgundy handrolled border feels suitably nostalgic; yielding a shawl that feels eminently wearable, yet sophisticated. The mega square drapes beautifully, is both luxuriously soft and warming and is finished with exquisite handrolled edges. It is, in other words, an entertaining testimony to the brilliance of modern British design at its finest.



  • Exclusive design by Turnbull & Asser and Mo Coppoletta

  • 140cms x 140cms

  • Silk and cashmere blend

  • Dry clean only

  • Please note that the recipient is responsible for all local customs & import duties