Baron: Lords of Luggage

Swedish label Baron crafts luxurious leather and canvas bags that are timeless and classic, designed to transcend trends and endure for decades.

It is no secret that the Swedes are a stylishbunch. With their famously understated approach to textiles and furniture, they have carved a significant space for themselves on the global stage of design. Functionality and sleek simplicity characterise their distinctive style: fussiness simply has no place.

Exemplifying the Swedish aesthetic of timeless minimalism is Baron, a label founded in 1978on the simple premiseof creating classic, durable bags from high quality materials. The much-loved label is managed by the Adelswärd family, a Swedish dynasty that has carried the prestigious “baron” title since 1783 and also holds the estate Baroniet Adelswärd, Sweden’s sole barony.

Over the years, the family has taken the label from strength to strength, growing it steadily whilstkeeping it trueto its core values of timeless design, sustainability and high quality craftsmanship. Its beginnings were humble,its primary focusbeing on the production of leather briefcases, before it expanded to include a canvas collection, which comprised bags, gun sleeves and cases made specifically for hunting. Over time, the hunting products have been replaced by more urban designs, and today the Baron collectionspansbriefcases, travel bags, and leather accessories, allcrafted for the modern man, a refined globetrotter who knows quality and appreciates excellence.


    Aobh O'Brien-Moody


    February 2020


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