Hat of Cain: Head to the Tropics

We may be unable to travel right now, but with a Panama from Hat of Cain, you can still explore an equatorial headspace.

Bill Cain believes a well-chosen accessory — particularly one worn around the face — can change a man’s whole bearing and personality. “Back in the day, when I still lived in Canada, I used to be an optometrist,” Cain explains. “I’d put a lot of time into advising customers on choosing the perfect pair of spectacles. When you got it right, you’d see people walk out of the shop standing an inch taller. The effect is even more pronounced with Panama hats,” he says.

Cain doesn’t simply mean that a Panama hat will literally make you taller. (Though that is true, and many a diminutive gentleman has successfully elevated their stature via a choice piece a headwear.) “People will come into my store and when they put on one of our hats, it gives them a totally different look, a whole new persona,” he says. “So often, guys who are new to hats will initially be hesitant. But then, they buy one, wear it out a few times, get compliments — ‘Hey man, you look great’ — and it soon becomes their signature, they start collecting all kinds of different hats.”


    April 2020


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