Everything to Everyone At All Times

Nearly 40 years after her film debut (‘The Owl vs Bombo’, if you were wondering), Michelle Yeoh is enjoying universal acclaim — and if The Rake has anything to do with it, she’ll soon be calling herself an Academy Award winner. The first Asian star nominated for a best-actress Oscar tells Tom Chamberlin  what she’s doing to the glass ceiling (clue: we’re gonna need a bigger brush)…
  • fashion director Grace Gilfeather

  • by Tom Chamberlin

  • photography Charlie Gray

Silk jacket, vest and trousers, Ralph Lauren Collection; jewellery, Anita Ko; watch, RM 67-01, Richard Mille.

There are two sides to Michelle Yeoh. On the one hand, you have a woman whose report card from her peers and friends reads like a message board at a wedding; on the other, you have a woman who has asserted herself as the greatest female action hero of all time. Think about it for a second, and it seems obvious. In her Golden Globes acceptance speech in January, she mentioned that she turned 60 last year, yet as she summoned her kung-fu alter ego for Everything Everywhere All at Once, she performed each pirouette, high kick and jump herself. So while we marvel at Tom Cruise’s skydiving and taking some G-force for the sake of cinema, bear in mind that Yeoh is only a month younger than him.


Tom Chamberlin

Editor of The Rake Magazine


February 2023


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