Knight Rider

Sir Jackie Stewart tells The Rake why he believes nuclear energy is the way forward for Formula 1, and which of his treasured Rolex watches he’d keep if he had to give the rest away…
(Photo by Thomas Laisné)

I make no secret of my loyalty and love for the house of Wilsdorf. In fact, if you cut me in half, I suspect it would say ROLEX TUDOR around the circumference of my core, much like a stick of Blackpool rock. In light of this mono-focus, I think I secretly believe that I am the biggest fan of the Genevan maison. However, during a delightful lunch at Silverstone with one of the brand’s most established ambassadors, I accept that I met my match. Sir Jackie Stewart is the perfect brand representative, and the evidence for it goes way beyond his bespoke Rolex-embroidered shirts. Stewart believes the brand is one of the greatest ever, and his love of Rolex watches is demonstrated by his vast personal collection.


    Ross Povey


    October 2021


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