LAWTON: A sole Conductor of a new era

After three successful years trading as Dobrik & Lawton, Kimberley Lawton launches her own eponymous bespoke house, which promises to inject a refreshing and highly-trained female eye into the grounds of a male-dominated industry.

Polish Art Deco painter Tamara de Lempicka once said: “I was the first woman to paint cleanly, and that was the basis of my success. From a hundred pictures, mine will always stand out. And so the galleries began to hang my work in their best rooms, always in the middle, because my painting was attractive. It was precise. It was ‘finished.’” Speaking with the self-effacing-yet-undeniably talented Yorkshire-born tailor, Kimberley Lawton, it is immediately obvious that she would never make such a haughty statement about her own work. Lawton maybe operating in a different artistic discipline, but the last three adjectives of de Lempicka’s statement would be true of Lawton’s own masterpieces. And as of now, she is officially able to call them her own with the launch of her eponymous house, LAWTON.

Formerly, one part of Dobrik & Lawton, Joshua and Kimberley were the youngest bespoke tailors, since Sexton and Nutter to open a space on Savile Row. Despite being young, they very much earnt their location courtesy of Pollen Estates. The two met, whilst developing their cutting skills and techniques at Huntsman, but this was not before Lawton had won two of the most prestigious awards for bespoke tailoring, during her degree at London College of Fashion. Seen as à la mode as well as being technically accomplished in the traditional forms of cutting – it was that rare blend that tempted Brian May to commission a noteworthy suit. A stellar cast of entertainers followed, and the duo quickly worked their way up the sartorial ladder. Two visionary artists with developing ideas – after three years they dispersed to pursue individual projects – leading to today’s launch of LAWTON.


Freddie Anderson


January 2022


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